Our Mission

At San Diego Scribblers, we hold fast to the principle that writing is a learned skill just like math or reading. And just like math, for many students, writing is a dreaded subject. We've all seen the look of terror on a student's face when a term paper is assigned or witnessed the procrastination that delays that paper until the night before it is due. But have you ever wondered why students dread writing in the first place?


All too often, we hear that "Molly just isn't a good writer" or "Jeffrey is more of a math kind of kid." We allow writing to be  passed off as an inate quality that you either have or you don't. But we at San Diego Scribblers know that writing isn't so black and white. Writing is feared because students simply have not spent enough time learning the tools to be successful.


Students can take control of their writing and learn to do it well while at the same time having fun. It is not a dry subject full of memoriziation and regurgitation. NO WAY! The world of writing allows for creativity and exploration and encourages individual expression of ideas and thoughts. Writing is an art just as much as theater, painting and music. It is meant to be experimented with and shared.  

Writing is the primary form of communication in today's world. Our children need to be more than proficient in their written communication skills, they need to shine. At San Diego Scribblers, our goal is to provide an opportunity for students to explore the various fields of writing while at the same time helping them to become proficient communicators in all of the written arts. Once a student finds an outlet for his thoughts and creativity, his self-esteem will soar and there will be no limit to what he can achieve!